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Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials, a freeze-dried raw pet food industry leader, is single-handedly changing pet nutrition conversations. With new branding and packaging, the Vital Essentials team needed an a website that was aesthetically show-stopping accompanied by a tech stack that was fast, easy to manage, and compatible with all the required integrations.


Carl's Place

Carl's Place built its entire business around creating top-notch entertainment experiences, and none more impressive and game-changing than their line of indoor golf simulators. When they first teamed up with Swarming, Carl's Place already had and outstanding product and winning vision, they just needed the digital infrastructure to expand their marketshare and broaden their customer base. A Hyva Themes redesign of their existing Magento store optimized their site performance and properly showcased their new branding efforts, helping them ascend to their rightful place at the top of the indoor golf industry.



Sometimes your work just brings out the kid in you. Skee-Ball has been manufacturing high-quality gaming consoles for more than 100 years, so when they approached us for new website designs and a platform that supports a modern B2B portal, we jumped at the opportunity. Skee-ball's new e-commerce website is a wonderful blend of nostalgia and celebration of their world-famous product, as well as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to upgrade their in-home entertainment.



After ten years of research and dozens of prototypes, Q30 developed a revolutionary product designed to the reduce frequency of traumatic brain injuries in sports and military events. To get the word out and increase their digital footprint, Q30 partnered with Swarming for new designs and an e-commerce storefront that would not only properly convey their mission, but also accommodate their fulfillment and tax exempt ordering needs.



Since 1973, Chief River Nursery has been a respected name in the garden and landscaping industry, delivering the best trees and shrubs directly to consumers' doorsteps. A recent rebrand of their potted trees offering led them to pair with Swarming to merge their two e-commerce stores into a Magento multi-store platform. In addition to a beautiful new design, Arborista offers new custom features for landscaping veterans and novices, including a Plant Finder to help you select the best plant for your growing conditions, and a Learning Center for tips and tricks on how to best complete your landscaping projects. 


Carl's Place BYO

For the team at Carl’s Place, having a best-in-class product was only the beginning. As part of their continuous pursuit of the ultimate customer experience, Carl’s Place teamed up with Swarming to create a custom configurator that empowers their client base to build their own indoor golf simulator directly through the website. Their Build My Simulator experience has everything you need to create the in-home golf experience of your dreams, without the hassle of long customer service calls or high-touch sales reps.